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"Believing In The Impossible"

Our Mission

"We are on a mission to restore families by inspiring, challenging and equipping men to become more effective fathers, husbands and leaders in our community"

Manhood Definition

"A man is someone born male, who rejects passivity, accepts responsibility, leads courageously and lives with the expectation of a greater reward."

The Process of Change

Your philosophy sets your mindset, your mindset creates your attitudes, your attitude dictates your actions, your actions develop your habits, your habits shape your lifestyle and your lifestyle takes you to your Destiny.

Thursdays at 7pm

602 East Polk Ave.,Harlingen, TX 78550

Available services, programs and classes in the RGV.

For more information, please call (956) 281-4763

Meet the Founder


My name is Orlando Salinas and my number was 343543.  I spent 13 years in Texas prisons.  I became a hard-core cocaine addict for 10 years, putting needles in my arms and smoking crack.  I went to prison for burglary, escape, 2 aggravate robberies and was tried and convicted for 1st degree murder.  I was a loser father, a loser husband and a loser son.  On January 18, 1997 I robbed a store, again, for one more hit on my daughters 4th birthday.  I was indicted on a habitual indictment, on a 1st degree felony.  I as on my way to prison for the rest of my life and my family's life and there was nothing I could do!  I was hopeless.  Have you ever felt hopeless?

Today I am a business owner, motivational speaker, personal development teacher and international evangelist.  I am the founder and CEO of Choose to Change Foundation.  So how does a loser like me become successful?  That's exactly what the Choose to Change Mentoring Program is all about.  We are a Christian based program and we teach men what it really takes to turn your life around.  The only question I have for anyone who is interested is, "Do you want to change your life?"

If the answer is YES, then we can help. 

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